January Newsletter


GCRI Director of Research Tony Barrett led a symposium on global catastrophic risk at the 2016 meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis, December 11-15 in San Diego. The 2016 GCRI symposium featured five talks focused on risks from AI and nuclear weapons. These included Barrett’s presentation, “Technology Forecasting for Analyzing Future Global Catastrophic Risks” and GCRI Associate Roman Yampolskiy’s presentation, “Artificial General Intelligence Risk Analysis”. SRA is the premier academic and professional society for risk analysis. GCRI has led symposia at SRA since 2010.

GCRI Associate Matthijs …

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FiveThirtyEight: What a Balloon’s Pop Tells Us About the End of the World

FiveThirtyEight’s “Science Questions from a Toddler” used a three-year old’s question about why balloon’s pop as a jumping off point for a general discussion of catastrophic risks. The article mentions GCRI, along with the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), and the Future of Life Institute (FLI). In an interview, GCRI associate Kaitlin Butler told FiveThirtyEight that awareness of catastrophic risks is making scientists and governments take into account to a greater extent “issues like public health, social justice and indirect risks …

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September Newsletter: Media Internship Opportunity

Dear friends,

GCRI is currently recruiting for a volunteer/intern position on media engagement. We aim both to improve the quality of global catastrophic risk media coverage—including coverage of GCRI—and to help someone launch their career. The ideal fit would be a college student or recent graduate who seeks a career in global catastrophic risk in something media-related such as journalism or social science. Details can be found on GCRI’s website. We would be grateful if you would share the announcement with anyone who might be interested or apply …

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GCRI Welcomes Research Assistant Kaitlin Butler

We’re pleased to announce our newest affiliate, Research Assistant Kaitlin Butler. Here’s her bio from the GCRI People page.

Kaitlin is a Research Assistant for the Consortium for Climate Risks in the Urban Northeast, a NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments project. Kaitlin holds an M.A. in Climate and Society from Columbia University (2011) and a B.A. in Sociology from Vassar College (2007). As a GCRI Research Assistant, Kaitlin contributes to GCRI research on environmental change, law & policy, and psychology & communications.

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