February Newsletter: Outlook For 2017—GCRI & US Politics

Dear friends,

One year ago, I described GCRI’s success with academic and popular publishing and speaking, and noted that this productivity could not be sustained on the small budget we had. Over the past year, we have focused more on fundraising, though I regret with only limited success. It’s enough to keep our doors open, but not enough to perform at high capacity.

But enough about us. What’s more important is that, over the past year, the world has changed. The United States has elected a wholly unusual …

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December Newsletter: The US Election & Global Catastrophic Risk

Dear friends,

The recent US election offers a vivid reminder of how large and seemingly unlikely events can and do sometimes occur. Just as we cannot assume that elections will continue to be won by normal politicians, we also cannot assume that humanity will continue to avoid global catastrophe.

The outcome of this election has many implications for global catastrophic risk, which I outline in a new article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. To my eyes, the election increases the importance of nuclear weapons risk …

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October Newsletter: Society for Risk Analysis Symposium

2016 Society for Risk Analysis Meeting

GCRI will lead a symposium on global catastrophic risk at the 2016 meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), December 11-15 in San Diego. SRA is the premier academic and professional society for risk analysis. GCRI has led symposiums at SRA meetings since 2010. The 2016 GCRI symposium features five talks focused on risks from artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons.

Artificial Intelligence

GCRI Executive Director Seth Baum’s paper, “On the promotion of safe and socially beneficial artificial intelligence” has been accepted for publication …

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GCRI Experts Featured In Science Magazine

GCRI’s Seth Baum and Dave Denkenberger are featured in an article in Science Magazine titled “Here’s how the world could end—and what we can do about it”.

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September 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Seth Baum is out of the office now, so I am sending the newsletter in his absence. This month, I would like to talk a bit about geoengineering. Geoengineering is the large-scale manipulation of the climate, particularly to alleviate the effects of climate change (also called “climate engineering”). Geoengineering epitomizes how many distinct global catastrophic risks have a dynamic relationship. For example, in one possible scenario, society decides to lower the planet’s temperature by engaging in stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI)—a technology that essentially blankets …

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GCRI Welcomes Research Associate Dave Denkenberger

We’re pleased to announce our newest affiliate, Research Associate Dave Denkenberger. Here’s his bio from the GCRI People page.

Dave is an energy efficiency engineer at Ecova and GCR researcher. Dave holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from University of Colorado at Boulder (2010), an M.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University (2005), and a B.S. in Engineering Science from Pennsylvania State University (2002). As a Research Associate, Dave contributes to GCRI research on integrated assessment and response options.

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Dave Denkenberger To Deliver Online Lecture On Post-Catastrophe Food Crisis 22 August

This is the pre-event announcement for an online lecture by Dave Denkenberger, Ph.D., an engineer at Ecova.

Here is the full talk info:

Feeding Everyone: Solving the Food Crisis in Event of Global Catastrophes that Kill the Sun or Crops
Thursday 22 August, 16:00 GMT (10:00 Denver, 12:00 New York, 17:00 London)
To be held online via Skype. RSVP required by email to Seth Baum (seth [at] gcrinstitute.org). Space is limited.

Please note: There will be no online post-lecture summary for this.

It is widely assumed that if agricultural production is …

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