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GCRI supports the exchange of ideas and growth of communities of global catastrophic risk researchers and professionals. GCRI believes that much of this can be accomplished via remote collaboration. However, in-person conferences still play an important role. To that effect, we have compiled conferences related to GCR as a service to the GCR community.

Conferences listed here all relate to some aspect of GCR, though many of them do not have an explicit GCR theme. Indeed, the boundary between GCR and other topics (including smaller risks) is often a fuzzy one, and work on GCR often coexists comfortably with work on other topics. For this resource, we have chosen a more inclusive approach to highlight the many forums in which conversations about GCR can take place. Finally, this list is undoubtedly incomplete; to suggest an addition (or correction), please contact us.

This version was published on 7 October 2013. It contains 80 conferences. All links are active as of this date. See the accompanying blog post.

This resource was produced by Seth Baum and Grant Wilson.


7-9 March 2013. The International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (Ouarzazate, Morocco) – A science-heavy conference that focuses on renewable energy technology and climate change.

11-15 March 2013. Global Terrorism, Education and Millennium Development Goals (Lagos, Nigeria) – A conference that looks at global terrorism, education, and the Millennium Development Goals from legal, political, religious, and scientific perspectives.

15-16 April 2013. International Conference on Energy Policies and Climate Protection (Johannesburg, South Africa) – A forum for industries and academics to exchange ideas about energy and climate.

25-27 March 2014. Fifth International Renewable Energy Congress (Hammamet, Tunisia). A forum for academics and practitioners to present on developments in renewable energy.

2-5 April 2014. 16th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (Cape Town, South Africa) – A meeting that focuses on major infectious diseases in Africa like AIDS, malaria, TB, pneumonia, and typhoid fever.


5-6 March 2013. International Research Conference on Safety, Hazardous and Disaster Management (Bangkok, Thailand) – Forum to exchange ideas on topics like disaster law, disaster management, and risk reduction.

21-23 June 2013. Sustainable Development Conference 2013: Green Technology, Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection (Bangkok, Thailand) – A sustainable development conference with events and networking opportunities.

31 July – 3 August 2013. The Sixth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (Beijing, China) – For academics and industry researchers working to creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). [2013 videos and slides]

23-34 August 2013. IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference South Asia Satellite Conference (Trivandrum, India) – A humanitarian look at disaster management, emerging technologies, renewable energy, and other related issues.

16-17 December 2013. International Conference on Environment & Energy (Colombo, Sri Lanka) – A forum for presenting new research in the fields of Environment and Energy Systems.

6-17 October 2014. Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (PyeongChang, Republic of Korea) – A conference that explores biodiversity treaty obligations and related issues like geoengineering and bioengineering. Individuals can participate with proper institutional affiliation.

9-10 January 2014. International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (ICRESD 2014) (Pune, India). A conference for academics, engineers, and scientists to explore advances in renewable energy and sustainable development to meet the challenges of the developing world.

13-16 February 2014. 2nd World Congress on Disaster Management (Hyderabad, India). A conference addressing environmental, technical, social, and economic risk from a variety of domains.

10-11 March 2014. BioTECH 2014 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – A multi-disciplinary conference for researchers and industry on biotechnology research and developments. [2013 conference papers]

9-10 June 2014. International Conference on Environment, Energy and Biotechnology (Bangkok, Thailand) – Topics include nanotechnology, climate change, biochemical engineering, and deforestation.

12-15 June 2014. The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment  (Osaka, Japan) – A forum for scholars, businesses, and practitioners to explore sustainability. [2013 summary]


19-20 March 2013. Communicable Disease Control Conference 2013 (Canberra, Australia). A conference on emerging infectious diseases in Australia and the region.

2-4 July 2013. People and the Planet: Transforming the Future Conference (Melbourne, Australia) – Part of an ongoing movement to rethink sustainability.

4-5 January 2014. 4th International Conference on Future Environment and Energy (Melbourne, Australia) – A conference about the future of the environment and energy.

26-29 March 2014. Australasian Society For Infectious Diseases (ASID) Annual Scientific Meeting (Adelaide, Australia) – A meeting on the future of infectious disease. [2013 documents *ASID members only]


2-3 March 2013. Civil Society Summit on Humanitarian Effect of Nuclear Weapons (Oslo, Norway) – A civil society perspective on nuclear weapons to precede the International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons.

17-19 April 2013. UK Astrobiology Conference 2013: ‘Molecules and Life in Extremes’ (Edinburgh, UK) – A conference that explores astrobiology and concepts from fields like biology and geology. [2013 program]

17-19 April 2013. Fourth International Conference on Space Technologies: the Present and Future (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) – A conference on space technologies and solutions to global space problems.

9-10 May 2013. International Congress on Energy & Environment (Porto, Portugal) – Explores how to meet the energy demand of an exploding population.

19-23 May 2013. Global Platform for Disaster Reduction (Geneva, Switzerland) – A multi-disciplinary forum for experts to improve disaster risk reduction methods. [2013 output documents and conference videos]

27-30 May 2013. Impacts World 2013 (Potsdam, Germany) – A conference to develop new climate change impact analyses. [2013 conference videos]

3-5 June 2013. 11th International Symposium on Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents (Stockholm, Sweden) – Experts explore disarmament, non-proliferation, and methods to detect, identify, and monitor chemical and biological agents. [2013 conference papers]

7-11 June 2013. Ecology and Safety 2013 (Burgas, Bulgaria) – A scientific conference on topics like climate and global security; disaster management; and nanotechnologies.

14-15 June 2013. International Conference on Economics and Security (Stockholm, Sweden) – A conference on the economics of conflict and war, arms races, terrorism, and regional security. [2013 conference papers]

17-21 June 2013. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Science and Technology Conference (Vienna, Austria) – A conference to explore innovations in nuclear test-ban monitoring. [2013 output documents and conference videos]

1-5 July 2013. International Conference on Nuclear Security (Vienna, Austria) – A forum for policymakers and experts to explore and enhance international nuclear security. [President’s summary]

9-11 July 2013. BioBricks Foundation SB6.0: The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology (London, UK) – A synthetic biology conference that looks at biocontainment, risk, design, education and training, materials, modeling, responsible research and innovation, and other issues. (2013 conference videos)

9-11 July 2013. Disaster Management 2013 (A Coruña, Spain) – An international conference on preparation, response, and recovery methods for natural and human-made disasters. (2013 conference report)

10-12 July 2013. Apocalypse: Imagining the End (Oxford, UK) – A multidisciplinary conference that explores the apocalypse in a variety of social, historical, economic, and political contexts.

27-29 August 2013.  4th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (Istanbul, Turkey) – A scientific and technical look at risk analysis and crisis response; now operated by SRA-China. Note this conference is hosted by the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Management, which is on the Europe side of Istanbul.

22-25 August 2013. Societas Ethica Conference (Soesterberg, Netherlands) – Explores how forces like climate change, population growth, and limited resources affect political institutions, social relationships, moral responsibilities, and self-understanding. [2013 outcome documents]

26-30 August 2013. Meteoroids 2013 (Poznań, Poland) – A forum to share research and discuss topics related to meteor astronomy.

11-22 November 2013. United Nations Climate Change Conference (Warsaw, Poland) – The preeminent climate change conference includes a moderate NGO presence.

19-22 November 2013. EPIDEMICS4: Fourth International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – A conference that examines topics like the dynamics, ecology, uncertainty, forecasting, and ecology of infectious disease.

24-28 August 2014. 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference (Davos, Switzerland) – A popular international conference on disaster and risk management strategies.

4-6 September 2013. Dealing with Disasters Conference (DWD 2013) / 4th Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM 2013) (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) – Two simultaneous conferences that will focus on how to bridge the gap between disaster reduction and development through science, technology, and people centered actions.

5-6 March 2014. Superbugs and Superdrugs – A Focus on Antibacterials (London, UK) – Industry leaders, regulators, and academia discuss the antibacterial market.

27-28 March 2014. International Conference on Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Security (Madrid, Spain) – Scientists, researchers, and scholars gather to discuss challenges and solutions in the nuclear world.

16-18 June 2014. 22nd Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis-Europe (Istanbul, Turkey) – The preeminent Society for Risk Analysis gathering in Europe looks at how society can cope with a variety of major risks. [2013 output documents]

23-24 June 2014. Centre for Risk Studies’ 5th Annual Meeting (TBA) – A conference that explores opportunities in risk from a variety of business, government, intergovernmental organizations, academia, and NGO perspectives.

27-28 June 2014. Sixth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses (Port-Louis, Mauritius) – A conference on the effects of and solutions for climate change. [2013 program].

North America

9 March 2013. York University 12th Annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium (Toronto, Canada) – Participants will explore apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives in art and visual culture.

8-9 April 2013. Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference (Washington D.C., USA) – A forum to discuss nuclear nonproliferation, strategic stability, deterrence, disarmament, and nuclear energy. [2013 conference videos]

8-10 April 2013. Defense Intelligence Worldwide (Baltimore, USA) – A conference for the Intelligence Community that focuses on information technology. *Canceled

8-12 April 2013. International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems (Ottawa, Canada) – A conference for members of invited organizations or governments to review the regulatory systems for nuclear facilities. Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency. [2013 conference documents]

13 April 2013. Apocalyptic Politics: Framing the Present (Philadelphia, USA) – A philosophical look at the dynamic between apocalyptic predictions and the present, hosted by Villanova University Department of Philosophy.

19-21 April 2013. Imagining the Worst (Ithaca, New York, USA) – Examines “worst case scenarios” in culture, history, and technoscience, hosted by Cornell University Department of Science and Technology Studies.

28-30 April 2013. PCS Catastrophe Conference (St. Louis, USA) – A conference on the insurance and financial sides of catastrophe planning and response.

9-10 May 2013. Global Risk Management Conference (New York, USA) – A business-centric multidisciplinary discussion on understanding and adapting to global risks.

14-17 May 2013. Meeting of the Americas 2013 (Cancun, Mexico). A conference on all areas of geophysical sciences that includes a scientific program, focus groups, lectures, and other events.

20-21 May 2013. Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics (Chandler, Arizona, USA) – A conference on the legal, social, and ethical aspects of emerging technologies. [2013 conference documents]

27-29 May 2013. 3rd Climate Change Technology Conference (Montreal, Canada) – Explores climate change and related topics like emerging technologies and extreme events.

17-22 June 2013. Emergence in Chemical Systems 3.0 (Anchorage, USA) – Experts examine fields like molecular machines, living technologies, bioengineering, and complex chemical systems.

21-23 August 2013. International Conference on Biodefense & Natural Disasters (Orlando, Florida) – A network of leading academic scientists, research, industry professionals, and colleagues work to reduce risks and threats of disasters.

20-23 October 2013. IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2013 (San José, California) – This conference explores science, engineering, and technology as tools for humanitarianism.

8-11 December 2013. Society for Risk Analysis 2013 Annual Meeting  (Baltimore, Maryland) – The preeminent international meeting for risk analysis for both natural and human-caused events.

17-18 December 2013. Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI)  – Fall Conference (Washington, DC). Part of PONI’s four part conference series that aims to bring together “young nuclear experts from the military, national laboratories, industry, academia, and the policy community” to build future leaders and develop new ideas on nuclear weapons issues.

7-10 January 2014. International Disaster Conference & Expo (New Orleans, USA) – A conference on public-private partnerships, policy, and best practices related to disaster prevention and management.

26-29 January 2014. Singularity Summit (TBA) – A conference on robotics, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfacing, and other emerging technologies.

11-14 February 2014. Nuclear Deterrence Summit (Arlington VA). A wide variety of U.S. and international experts, industry executives, and government representatives attend this leading conference on nuclear deterrence.

13-14 February 2014. International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (Nayarit, Mexico) – Experts explore the immediate and long-term humanitarian impacts of nuclear detonations. [2013 documents and videos]

10-13 March 2014. Analyzing Risk: Principles, Concepts, and Applications (Boston, USA) – Experts teach participants scientific and analytic approaches to risk management in this Society for Risk Analysis-sponsored event. [2013 conference videos]

17-21 March 2014*. 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (The Woodlands, Texas, USA) – A planetary science conference with broad participation from experts in petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, geology, and astronomy. [2013 conference videos]

25 March 2014. Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI)  – Capstone Conference (Offutt AFB, Nebraska). Part of PONI’s four part conference series that aims to bring together “young nuclear experts from the military, national laboratories, industry, academia, and the policy community” to build future leaders and develop new ideas on nuclear weapons issues.

31 March 2014. Wall Street GREEN Summit (New York, USA) – A summit on green investments, trading, and finance, including discussions on the smart grid and carbon market. [2013 presentations [2013 presentations *Members only]

March 2014 (TBA). 9th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases

1-4 April 2014. Public Health Preparedness Summit (Atlanta, USA) – A venue to review the state of public health preparedness and establish best methods in government, private, and nonprofit sectors.

4-5 April 2014. We Robot 2014: Risks & Opportunities (Miami, FL). A conference that looks at the law, policy, and technology of robotics, including how to design laws that “will strike the right balance between encouraging innovation and safety, particularly in the context of autonomous robots.”

6-7 May 2014. Global Catastrophe Modeling Conference (Fort Lauderdale, USA) – A conference on EQECAT catastrophe modeling directed towards the insurance and reinsurance industries.

19-21 May 2014. Effective Risk Communication: Theory, Tools, and Practical Skills for Communicating about Risk (Boston, USA) – Groups from Harvard, King’s College London, and Carnegie Mellon convene for this program on communicating risk.

15-18 June 2014. The World Conference on Disaster Management (Toronto, Canada) – A conference for Disaster Management professionals of all disciplines to learn, network, and present their work. (2013 presentations)

22-25 June 2014. 39th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Application Workshop (Broomfield, Colorado, USA) – A workshop on how society deals with natural hazards and disasters.

TBA 2014. Canegie International Nuclear Policy Conference. This conference hosts a wide array of experts and officials from around the world discuss nuclear deterrence, nonproliferation, disarmament, and the nuclear industry.

South America

13-16 August 2013. 4th Colombian Meeting and International Conference on Air Quality and Public Health (Bogota, Columbia) – A meeting on air quality, public health, and climate change.

9-13 December 2013. ASTROBIO 2013: The Distribution of Life on Earth, in the Solar System, and the Galaxy (Santiago, Chile) – An expansive astrobiology conference that includes topics like habitable zones and extraterrestrial life in the solar system.