Religion Discussion Group

Note, November 2014: It has been some time since GCRI has hosted discussion groups. We may revive them at some future point. Meanwhile, we are focusing on other activities.

Many religions have beliefs about global catastrophic risk, as seen in concepts such as eschatology and apocalypse. GCRI’s religion discussion group explores these beliefs by leading an interfaith scholarly dialog. The program seeks to synthesize the ideas of each religion with the ideas of secular risk analysis, forming a more holistic understanding of GCR. The program also seeks to understand the layout of contemporary religions groups that may be active on GCR, including groups seeking to decrease GCR and groups seeking to increase GCR. Finally, the program is interested in using religious scholarship as part of broader efforts to positively engage religious communities on GCR topics.

Discussion group participants have included Tony Barrett of RAND/GCRI, Seth Baum of GCRI, Mark Fusco of University of Toronto/Georgetown University/GCRI, Jacob Haqq-Misra of Blue Marble Space Institute of Science/GCRI, Hassan Hussain of UCLA/Columbia University, and Jun Zhuang of University at Buffalo.

One meeting has been held so far:

28 September 2012: GCRI Hosts Discussion Of Religion & GCR