GCRI and its affiliates work on a range of global catastrophic risk projects:

The Integrated Assessment project is GCRI’s flagship project. It puts all the GCRs into one integrated study in order to find the best ways to reduce the total risk. We also engage key stakeholders to learn their perspectives and to get our ideas where they can be put to use. Much of our work on other projects feeds into the integrated assessment.

The Nuclear War project covers a range of nuclear war topics. We study the probability of nuclear war occurring. We study the severity of the consequences if nuclear war occurs, especially the consequences of nuclear winter. We also study a range of ways to reduce the risk, including changes to the structure of nuclear forces, calming international tensions, and nuclear disarmament. Finally, we actively engage with important policymakers, activists, and other people working on nuclear weapons issues.

The Emerging Technologies project studies risky new and future technologies like artificial intelligence and geoengineering. We model different ways emerging technologies could be developed. We also analyze the ethical issues posed by emerging technologies and policies that could reduce the risks. This project is sponsored in part by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The Aftermath of Global Catastrophes Project studies what might happen to any survivors of global catastrophes and what could be done to help them. Does civilization stay intact? Or do the survivors tend to die out? This is a rather grim subject. It has also gotten relatively little research attention. However, it is a very important subject to the GCR field.

The GCR Concept project works to define and outline the foundations of the concept of global catastrophic risk, as well as related terms like catastrophic risk and existential risk.

The GCR Community project maps the wide range of people and organizations working on global catastrophic risk. We also provide resources to the GCR community.

Please note that the views expressed in these projects in general reflect the views of individual GCRI affiliates, not GCRI as a whole.