Organization Directory Updates

Grant Wilson and I have gone through and updated the GCR organization directory. The directory now contains 130 organizations. The new entries are below. Please let us know if we may be missing any organizations.

Reflecting back on the seven months since the directory was originally published, it has proved quite useful. it has been used for job searches, general networking, and just to get a sense for the scope of the GCR community. This has been Exhibit A in our effort to dispel the somewhat widespread myth that GCR is somehow a fringe topic that nobody cares about. When this myth comes up, we just link to the organization directory, which seems to work pretty well.

The new entries:

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Online magazine covering threats to humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences; has run the Doomsday Clock since 1947

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Advocacy group that seeks nuclear disarmament in Britain and the establishment of an international treaty banning all nuclear weapons

Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies Think tank studying and hosting dialog on the implications of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology

EcoHealth Alliance Conducts research and supports projects at the intersection of conservation biology and emerging diseases

Governance & Accountability Institute Serves as an advisory and information clearinghouse for corporations on environmental sustainability and other issues

Human Survival Project Seeks to protect humanity from nuclear holocaust and its societal and environmental aftermath; a joint initiative of the University of Sydney Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the and People for Nuclear Disarmament

Institute for Science and International Security Analyzes and communicates to the public on the science and policy behind nuclear nonproliferation and related international security issues, with emphasis on tracking nuclear weapons programs worldwide

National Security Archive Library of declassified U.S. documents related to nuclear weapons, government secrecy, and other issues based at George Washington University; also supports research and investigative journalism

Nautilus Institute Assembles professionals and conducts research to help solve threats of nuclear war, urban and energy insecurity, and climate change with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region

People for Nuclear Disarmament A citizens’ group based in Sydney promoting nuclear disarmament and related issues

PREVENT Seeks to influence culture, commerce, and land use change as they relate to risks from zoonoses, which are diseases that transmit between non-human species and humans

Program on Science and Global Security Research group based at Princeton University studying nuclear weapons, biosecurity, and related issues

Reaching Critical Will A Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom program that works to increase the influence of NGOs in UN disarmament processes including for nuclear and other weapons

ReThink Media Helps build the communications profile of nonprofits working on disarmament, nonproliferation, conflict prevention, human rights, civil liberties, and international law and peace

X Center Studies “Xevents,” meaning events that are “rare, surprising, and with large social impact,” such as pandemics, financial collapse, and earthquakes

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Seth Baum is Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute.
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