Become A GCRI Affiliate

GCRI welcomes inquiries of interest from students, researchers, and other professionals working on GCR topics. Prior to contacting us, please review our website to learn more about our areas of interest and activity. To contact us, please email Executive Director Seth Baum (seth [at]

For established researchers and other professionals:
GCRI’s senior affiliates – called Associates – contribute to our activities as part of their regular professional activities. Associates have significant GCR expertise and the ability to work independently. Associates are typically at the Doctoral level or higher, or equivalent for non-research fields, though there is no strict education or experience requirement. Associates are expected to regularly participate in GCRI projects, with at least one significant identifiable contribution each year. GCRI respects Associates’ other time commitments and seeks to identify mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

For students and young professionals:
GCRI believes in helping train the next generation of GCR leaders. If you are working towards a career in some aspect of GCR that relates to GCRI’s activities, then GCRI welcomes your interest. At this time, we are unable to offer funded opportunities. However, we do offer excellent enrichment opportunities. We have virtually no menial work. All of our younger affiliates have been engaged on research projects, organizational development activities, or other meaningful projects. They have published with us, joined us at events, and more. They often remain involved as their careers progress.

For all interested individuals:
All GCRI affiliates are expected to be students or professionals in good standing in their respective fields, and to abide by GCRI internal policies (details available upon request). There is no one fixed process for becoming a GCRI affiliate. We do begin by getting to know each other, often over an extended period of time, to judge the fit. There is no requirement to meet in person. GCRI is geographically decentralized, so affiliates can be anywhere in the world. We regret that we are unable to accommodate all requests for affiliation and reserve the right to decline any inquiries of interest.