GCRI affiliates have spoken at a wide range of venues, from the United Nations to the American Preppers Network. In 2012-2013, we also hosted a series of online events.

Upcoming Events

2-4 December, Princeton
Envision Conference. Roman Yampolskiy will speak at the event and Seth Baum will lead a workshop.

11-15 December 2016, San Diego
Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting. GCRI plans to host its usual SRA GCR sessions.

Select Recent Events

What’s the Big Idea?, a panel discussion with Seth Baum of GCRI and Konstantinos Karachalios of IEEE at the Soho House. 14 March 2016, New York City.

Quantifying Armed Conflict and Social Unrest and Global Catastrophic Risks, two sessions at the 2015 Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting. The sessions were chaired by Tony Barrett and Seth Baum. They featured ten talks on topics including AI, geoengineering, and nuclear war. 7-8 December 2015, Arlington, VA.

Extreme Food System Shock, a talk by David Denkenberger at the Second International Conference on Global Food Security. 13 October 2015, Ithaca, NY.

The Future of Life on Earth, a panel discussion with GCRI Executive Director Seth Baum, Columbia University Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs, and Future of Life Institute Co-Founder Max Tegmark. The event is at the 92nd Street Y as part of their 7 Days of Genius festival. Listen to the event audio. 1 March 2015, New York City.

The Catastrophic Risk of Nuclear War, a talk by Seth Baum at a public conference The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, hosted by the Helen Caldicott Foundation at the New York Academy of Medicine. Watch the conference video. 28 February 2015, New York City.

New Backup Food Solutions for Catastrophes, a talk by Dave Denkenberger for the American Preppers Network. Watch the replay. 8 January 2015, online.

What Is the Risk of Nuclear War?, a talk by Seth Baum at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. See the talk text (pdf), slides (pdf), video (YouTube, beginning at 49:40), and coverage on the Society for Risk Analysis website. 8-9 December 2014, Vienna.


Speaking Engagements: A full list of talks, panel discussions, and other speaking engagements by GCRI affiliates, excluding our Society for Risk Analysis conference sessions.

Society for Risk Analysis Conferences: SRA is the leading professional society for the study of risk. GCRI hosts regular sessions on GCR at SRA conferences.

Online Lectures: GCRI hosted an online lecture series during 2012-2013. The lectures featured a variety of researchers from inside and outside GCRI.

Discussion Groups: GCRI hosted a series of discussion groups during 2012. The discussions brought together experts on specific topics: nuclear war and religion.

Other events can be found in GCRI’s conferences directory resource.