GCRI Symposium on Global Catastrophic Risk at SRA 2016

GCRI will lead a symposium on global catastrophic risk at the 2016 meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), December 11-15 in San Diego. SRA is the premier academic and professional society for risk analysis. GCRI has led symposiums at SRA meetings since 2010. The 2016 GCRI symposium features five talks focused on risks from artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons.

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Seth Baum Appointed to Advisory Board of AI & Society

GCRI’s Seth Baum has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the journal AI & Society. AI & Society is an interdisciplinary journal focused on societal issues related to artificial intelligence including the design, use, management, and policy of information, communications and new media technologies, with a particular emphasis on cultural, social, cognitive, economic, ethical, and philosophical implications.

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New Global Challenges Foundation Projects

GCRI has two new funded projects with the Global Challenges Foundation, a philanthropic foundation based in Stockholm.

The first project is a quarterly report of everything going on in the world of global catastrophic risks. The reports will be an expanded version of our monthly news summaries, with some new features and an emphasis on work going on around the world to reduce the risks.

The second project is a risk analysis of nuclear war. Prior GCRI nuclear war research modeled the probability of specific nuclear war …

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FLI Artificial Superintelligence Project

I am writing to announce that GCRI has received a grant from the Future of Life Institute, with funding provided by Elon Musk and the Open Philanthropy Project. The official announcement is here and the full list of awardees is here.

GCRI’s project team includes Tony Barrett, Roman Yampolskiy, and myself. Here is the project title and summary:

Evaluation of Safe Development Pathways for Artificial Superintelligence

Some experts believe that computers could eventually become a lot smarter than humans are. They call it artificial superintelligence, or ASI. If …

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GCRI Is Joining Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs

We are pleased to announce that GCRI is joining a new fiscal sponsor, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE). We are enthusiastic about SEE and look forward to partnering with them in this new chapter of GCRI’s existence. This also means that we are legally separating from our previous fiscal sponsor, Blue Marble Space.

What is a fiscal sponsor?

A fiscal sponsor is an umbrella organization for US nonprofits. A nonprofit project may seek fiscal sponsorship when it is too small to justify becoming a stand-alone organization, and/or …

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SRA 2013 GCR Sessions Announced

The Society of Risk Analysis has just confirmed that our two global catastrophic risk sessions have been accepted for the 2013 SRA Annual Meeting. For full speaker & abstract info, please click here. For info on past SRA GCR sessions, please click here.

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Baum To Moderate Megadisasters Panel At AGU Science Policy Conference

GCRI Executive Director Seth Baum has been invited to moderate a panel discussion Potential for Megadisasters at the 2013 American Geophysical Union Science Policy Conference, which will take place in Washington, DC.

Panelists will include Lindley Johnson, Executive of the NASA Near Earth Objects Observations Program; Lucile Jones, Science Advisor for Risk Reduction of the U.S. Geological Survey’s SAFRR Project (Science Application for Risk Reduction); Lawrence Zanetti, Physicist at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; and Eddie Bernard, Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington.

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Blue Marble Space 501c3 Status Revoked

On Friday, April 5, Blue Marble Space (BMS) was informed by the IRS that its 501c3 nonprofit status has been revoked. Details can be found in this series of letters from BMS President Sanjoy Som.

GCRI is a BMS initiative. Therefore, as of April 5, GCRI also does not have 501c3 status, and donations made to GCRI will not be tax exempt. We are working with BMS to resolve this situation and regain 501c3 status as fast as possible. We will keep you updated as the …

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New Website Events Section

This website now has a new events section, featuring pages for discussion groups, online lectures, and Society for Risk Analysis meetings. We are actively planning new events. Please check back for updates.

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Updated Donate Page: 3 Reasons To Support GCRI

To help you decide whether to donate to GCRI, we have updated our donate page with three reasons why GCRI is an excellent organization to support:

1. Global catastrophic risk is an important cause. Global catastrophes can affect everyone around the world. Preventing global catastrophes is an efficient way to help a lot of people. Humanity today faces some worrisome threats, making global catastrophic risk an urgent issue to address.

2. GCRI does important work on global catastrophic risk. We help society figure out how it can …

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