Call for Papers: Informatica Special Issue on Superintelligence

GCRI associate Roman Yampolskiy and junior associate Matthijs Maas are—along with Ryan Carey and Nell Watson—guest-editing an upcoming Informatica special issue on superintelligence. The special issue will approach the topic of superintelligence in as multidisciplinary and visionary a manner as possible.

They are looking for original research, critical studies, and review articles on topics related to superintelligence, in particular including

– Artificial Superintelligence
– Artificial General Intelligence
– Biological Superintelligence
– Brain-computer Interfaces
– Whole Brain Emulation
– Genetic Engineering
– Cognitive Enhancement
– Collective Superintelligence
– Neural Lace-Mediated Empathy
– Technological Singularity
– Intelligence Explosion
– Definition of Life
– Definition of Intelligence
– Machine Ethics and Computational Ethics
– Consciousness
– Human Limitations
– Technological Limitations
– Societal risk from machine-generated alternate value systems
– Social Benefit and Existential Risk from Superintelligence
– Domestic Policy Options for Superintelligent AI Development
– International Governance Options for Superintelligent AI Development
– Design Considerations for Superintelligence’s Morality
– The Turing Test

The deadline for submitting papers is August 31, 2017. Final manuscripts will be due November 30, 2017. All submissions and inquiries should be sent either to and or to the special editors:

Ryan Carey,
Matthijs Maas,
Nell Watson,
Roman Yampolskiy,

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